Office Fitout Electrician

As our homes and offices get smarter, you need electrical contractors that will readily embrace changing technology. Where electric cars are concerned, Lively Home and Office are ahead of the curve compared to other Sydney-based competitors.

The team at Lively Group have expanded its portfolio to include the installation and maintenance of easy-to-use, safe and dedicated electric vehicle charging stations in the comfort and convenience of your garage or carport.

One of their expert technicians will attend your home or office to confirm your electricity supply, and devise a scope of works for the installation that meets your timing and budgetary requirements.

Lively Group maintain complete control over all charging activity to ensure your vehicle receives the fastest recharge rate available, and provide a full suite of data and information to drivers and strata/building managers. In the event of a fault of an outage, the charging stations automatically shut down and Lively Group’s 24/7 service centre is alerted to assist.