Lively Group is focused on helping our customers design and implement complete solutions to meet their home and office needs. As a result, we have come to understand that no single company – regardless of size, reputation, or service – can effectively supply all aspects of a customer solution.

Therefore, Lively Group has formed strong partnerships with specialists in the fields of Communications, Electrical and Security. This creates a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of the Switched on Innovation™ Service Philosophy.

Lively Group carefully selects, trains, and supports partners to provide the highest standards of implementation, integration, consulting and support services. To ensure those standards, the Lively Group has developed a formal management program developed around the values of our partners, to ensure our Switched on Innovation™ Service Philosophy is delivered.

We evaluate our partners on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are consistently able to meet the quality requirements of our customers. Because only the best companies can meet the high standards set forth in this program, you can be sure that all Lively Partners possess the critical skills and expertise required to help you gain the greatest value from your experience with the Lively Group.

Examples of our Lively Partners:

  • Electrical Contractors
  • Security Installers
  • Fibre Optic Specialists
  • Communication and Data Installers
  • Telecommunication Providers

Benefits of being a Registered Lively Partner®

The Lively Partner program the first of its kind and the most respected program in the industry, offers significant benefits including:

Appropriate LicensingMeeting standards set by the Switched on Innovation™ Service Philosophy
Technical Training and CertificationProvide all tools of trade to complete the services and be self sufficient
A planning process to help you make the most of your partnershipSkills transfer to help you ensure customer satisfaction and enhance the profitability of your engagements
Australian Business Number and appropriate InsurancesKnowledge that helps you build an even more effective sales team
Lead Generation: End customers use a Web-based tool to submit their requirement, Lively Group’s integrated system searches for Lively Partner’s qualified in specific sales situations. Lead referrals, opportunities and sales support.Marketing Campaigns : Joint marketing campaigns, product & sales training w/ materials, lead exchange, and a competitive advantage with cutting edge technologies. Special incentives and product launches.
Quality Standards: Only the highest quality Lively Partner’s are part of the program – these partners meet uniform program standards set by the Switched on Innovation™ Service Philosophy.Credibility: The Lively Group is developing one of the strongest brand names in Australia, giving Lively Partner’s credibility with end customers.
Profitability: The Lively Partner® program is designed to ensure maximum profitability for the Lively Partner®. Earn up to 90% of referred opportunities.Technology Learning: Access to the latest networking technologies through a variety of learning tools enables Lively Partner’s to stay at the leading edge of their respective markets.

How Do I Become a Lively Partner ?

The partner registration application process is as follows:

  • Register your interest about the Lively Partner® program.
  • A copy of the Lively Partner® program agreement will be emailed to the email address provided.
  • Review and accept the terms of the Lively Partner® program agreement.
  • Submit the application.

Lively Group will review your application within 15 business days. If approved, your company will receive registered Lively Partner® program status, and be eligible to participate in the Lively Partner® program. Status as a registered Partner is valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually.