Office Fitout Electrician

When time is money, you want fast, flexible, reliable and resilient computer wiring installation. A structured cabling system with properly configured firewalls will ensure your data and communications services are highly secure and operating at an optimum level, whether in the office or at home – we’re talking gigabit internet speeds!

The team at Lively Group are ACMA licensed, closely follow the ISO and ANSI standards for network cables, and stay up-to-date with the latest cabling technology, in order to provide their clients with highly efficient and affordable network cabling solutions.

With the roll-out of the NBN, for instance, many commercial and residential properties will need to upgrade from copper wiring. This will require the installation of high-quality ethernet cabling, so as to capitalise on high-speed broadband connectivity.

With a strong focus on performance-enhancing fail safe design, Lively Group offer a suite of telephone, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, coaxial, optical fibre, intercom and voice cabling services tailored to your business or individual needs.